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Read on to learn how to take advantage of this great partner employee program. If your company is a partner, read on anyway and learn how to find out if you qualify, and other ways Plaza Ford Sales Limited can benefit you!
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What is "X Plan"?

Your employer is a valued partner of Ford Motor Company, and therefore also a partner with Plaza Ford. As an employee you benefit from this partnership by receiving great discounts when you purchase or lease* a new Ford Vehicle.
Ford X Plan = Big Savings!

The Ford Partner Recognition Program, known as the "X Plan", offers partner employees, retirees and spouses a set discounted price of 4% over A Plan.
A Plan pricing is the Ford Employee discounted price noted on the lower right hand of corner of every dealer invoice; so determining your purchase price is easy, fast and hassle-free.
It's So Easy to Purchase!
The purchase process is simple! Obtain the Partner Recognition Code from your company X Plan coordinator. Then obtain your PIN number by calling 18772947554 or, easier yet, log onto

Provide your name, address and social insurance number ...and you'll receive your PIN number.
The Plaza Ford Sales Limited / Ford X-Plan program is good in all Canadian Provinces. We can have your vehicle delivered right to you! Then visit Plaza Ford and browse our inventory. When you submit your Purchase Request, identify yourself as an X Plan participant, and provide your PIN number. You will then be quoted your X-Plan Price!
Buying with Plaza Ford Sales Limited = Added Value
Buying or leasing your X Plan vehicle at Plaza Ford brings you so much more than just a smooth purchase experience.
Prior to purchase you can search the entire Plaza Ford inventory, learn about all the special programs available, and even build your dream vehicle

After your purchase, use Plaza Ford to schedule and track your service stops.
And more! The benefits of buying through Plaza Ford are numerous!

If you are interested in a new Ford, then put the Ford Partner Recognition Program and Plaza Ford Sales Limited automotive excellence to work for you - it's a special benefit to you from your employer.

*Lease must be through Ford Credit

Note: Plaza Ford Sales Limited/ Ford X-Plan is available in Canada only

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